The Heart Of Cyclades

Naxos is the heart of the Cyclades and certainly one of the most beautiful Greek islands!
It is easily reachable by plane from Athens, ferry from Piraeus, and many islands of the Aegean.
It may be a short ferry ride away from the famous Santorini, Paros and Mykonos islands. Still, Naxos is just as known as the above, staying one of the traveller’s favourites worldwide!
It offers a host of choices to visitors about activities they can try, as well as other entertainment and relaxation options The whitewashed Chora town welcomes travellers at its harbour. Portara, the most popular attraction on Naxos, is the marble gate of an unfinished ancient Greek temple dedicated to the god Apollo.
Naxos, an island with a strong cultural movement, stands out for the variety of alternatives it provides, with traditional festivals and cultural events to brighten up the island’s stay. Among them stand out the Naxos Festival at Pyrgos Bazaios, an event with international appeal, and the Dionysia, high-level cultural events under the auspices of the municipality of Naxos that develop throughout the summer and close solemnly in September with the Wine Festival and the Feast of the Fisherman.
For those who are seeking peace and tranquillity or for those looking for a more active scene, Naxos is an island that can satisfy every discerning taste and style.